Routine Testing For Pregnancy: First, Second, And Third Trimester

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When Is The Right Time To Start Your Family?
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Guide created by Natera

Death, Not Very Heartwarming or Funny
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During my senior year of high school, a friend of mine choked to death on his dinner. He had begun to feel ill, excused himself from the family dinner table, went to the upstairs bathroom and proceeded to choke on his own food until he was no more. I was the typical ‘popular guy’ in […]

8 Tips for Choosing a Baby Name
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Most parents choose a name before the baby is conceived. Some start looking for a good name after the baby is born. You can check out the tips given below to make your choice a bit easier. Choose the right combinations You should choose a combination of words that will be easier to pronounce. The […]

Elderly Depression – Ways to Help
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The changes that occur later in life can put the elderly at an increased risk of depression. However, depression is not a natural part of aging. It is important for seniors and their loved ones to understand that depression is as much a disease as diabetes or arthritis – it’s not something a person can […]

Retirement Community Options for Older Singles
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The notion of what exactly constitutes a retirement community is undergoing a transformation as baby boomers move into their golden years. Increasingly, there are people reaching the end of their careers who are out there living and loving the single life. For those people, a big fear of moving to a retirement community can be […]

All About Sewing Machines – Research and Review
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Sewing Machine A machine that uses thread to stitch fabric and other materials together is called a sewing machine. The main purpose behind the invention of sewing machines was to decrease the amount of manual sewing work performed by workers of several companies. The credit to the invention of the first working sewing machine goes […]

Who Doesn’t Like A Girl Scout Cookie?
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This week the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage made a little slip. To her, it was a little slip, but to me, it was a big mistake. It is not always that she makes mistakes that I can profit on. I don’t make this public, especially within her earshot, but there are times that she […]

Themes for Save-The-Date Baby Shower Invitations
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Save-the-Date Themes Save-the-date baby shower invitations serve a variety of functions. The main thing is inviting guests to the baby shower. The secondary functions include scrapbook and album material, time capsule items, memory box collectibles, and anything else that mother can use it for to treasure with her children and grandchildren for many years. Simple […]

JET’s JWL-1220VS Variable Speed Wood Lathe, A Better Lathe for Your Benchtop

For years JET has been known for producing some of the best mini lathes in the woodworking industry. Building upon the success of these models and developing upon the technology of their most loved machines, JET has taken that standard to an entirely new level of high-performance. The new JWL-1220VS variable speed wood lathe, for […]