Finding Balance: The Power of Digital Detox for Stronger Relationships

Technology has many benefits, but too much usage can be draining. Real relationships can suffer when everyone is gathered around the table looking at their own phones. It’s important for children to be comfortable using various sources of technology, but it should not be at the expense of in person relationships. Taking time to do […]

Tips on How to Prepare for Moving during Pregnancy
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During the moving process you can avoid messy packing through the creation of a moving list. Sorting, boxing and labeling possessions ahead of the move can reduce stress on moving day. If possible, try to plan the rooms and furniture placement before you move. This extra work on top of pregnancy symptoms might seem like […]

As parents, we all want our kids to have the most memorable and amazing birthdays and every year we try our best to put all our efforts into the preparation of the best birthday parties for them. However, finding a similar theme or similar setup for the birthday party gets us a little down on […]

Haley Zelenka Explains Child Advocacy, and Why It’s Important for Children

Haley Zelenka, a passionate legal professional practicing as a healthcare attorney in Gulfport, breaks down what child advocacy is and why it’s vital. What is child advocacy? Child advocacy is the act of promoting and protecting the rights and welfare of children. It can take many forms, including: Promoting children’s rights in the community Working […]

Common Women’s Health Conditions & Care Treatment
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Provided by Women’s Medical Research, Inc, a provider of pelvic organ prolapse support garments

Easing Children’s Anxiety At A Medical Office
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Provided by Worlds of Wow, kids exhibit design firms

How Swimming Can Help Your Children Deal With Stress
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Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is the one where the men and women are given the hormones that are artificially made in the labs and are meant to ensure that the low level of hormones in the body could be balanced again. These hormones are suggested to the women who have entered their perimenopause state and […]

Everyone wants to give a good and special welcome to their newborn and in this effort, they try not to leave any leaf unturned. This makes them feel good about their baby and they want to give the best to it. One important thing that they are advised by their doctors and their health care […]

Mental Health Misdiagnoses In Children
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> Infographic created by MySpectrum, a counseling center