Themes for Save-The-Date Baby Shower Invitations
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Save-the-Date Themes Save-the-date baby shower invitations serve a variety of functions. The main thing is inviting guests to the baby shower. The secondary functions include scrapbook and album material, time capsule items, memory box collectibles, and anything else that mother can use it for to treasure with her children and grandchildren for many years. Simple […]

JET’s JWL-1220VS Variable Speed Wood Lathe, A Better Lathe for Your Benchtop

For years JET has been known for producing some of the best mini lathes in the woodworking industry. Building upon the success of these models and developing upon the technology of their most loved machines, JET has taken that standard to an entirely new level of high-performance. The new JWL-1220VS variable speed wood lathe, for […]

Life of a Zombie – Losing Our Loved Ones
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Cremation is the last milestone of life and every man wants, that no matter how many difficulties he has seen in his eternal thoroughfares, his corpse shall be given due respect and civility and his unwilling wish is fulfilled by his relatives, who happen to follow the same when he takes out from his body […]

Tips From Nursing Homes: Coping With Sundowners
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For those who have a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and living in nursing homes, it may become noticeable that the evening time brings on some odd symptoms in a loved one that causes agitation or confusion. They may be suffering from Sundowners Syndrome. The following are some things that family members need to […]

Health Benefits Of A Hobby
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There are many reasons why people enjoy a hobby. Look around your home or neighborhood and see how other people are enjoying their talents and skills. Note their smiling faces and other signs of happiness. Enjoy is the keyword for the number one reason people embrace a hobby. Enjoyment brings happiness, contentment, success, and feelings […]

Domestic Violence and Pregnancy
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Intimate partner abuse, also known as domestic violence typically occurs to women who are abused before pregnancy and, in some cases abuse begins during the pregnancy. The form of abuse can present itself as physical, emotional, verbal, psychological, sexual, financial and medical. It can happen to anyone. Domestic violence knows no boundaries. It happens to […]

How Parents Deal With The Wrongful Death of a Child
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More frequent than not, people do not understand what parents go through, in particular, when the loss of child occurs outside the home. There are so many judgmental comments made concerning how parents should react to a loss of a child. There are so many outside voices frowning on parents who initiate civil lawsuit when […]

Cremation Urns, Graves, and the Open Air: A Comparative History of Death Rituals

Despite its morbidity, death is often seen as a sacred rite. Most religions outline specific preferences and prohibitions. The process of mourning and caring for the deceased is as varied as humans themselves. These three styles of death rituals have been observed throughout time, geographical location, class, culture, and religion. Cremation Cremation, or burning the […]

Older Folk Have Much to Give
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There is nothing sadder than to see a person, of any age, sitting by herself with nothing to do. It is especially difficult to see elderly people who once led productive lives, figuratively thrown on the scrap heap and described as burdens because they now require so much care from others. It would do us […]

The Concept of Escape Rooms
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Escape rooms are rising in their popularity. Basically, they are a physical adventure game where players are required to solve different puzzles by making use of hints, clues as well as strategy so as to be able to complete set out objectives. Usually, the player has a time limit set in which he needs to […]