Lets face it, baby showers are no longer “ladies only” events. But that doesn’t mean that showers can’t be fun for men too. But you have to be careful not to scare them off before the event even begins. One thing that every man dreads are some of the traditional feminine games that are played. It is important to throw some games in the mix in that they will enjoy too. Below is the top 5 baby shower games that men actually like to play.

Baby Shower Grand Prix

If your guest list includes several active guys and you have a little space outside for them to burn off some energy, you may want to consider the Baby Shower Grand Prix. Gather four to six baby strollers from friends and create an obstacle course in the yard. Just as it sounds, the first one to finish wins. Hilarity ensues.

Guess the Diapers

Guys dig puzzles. Build or buy a baby diaper cake for the shower. Then have them place bets to guess how many diapers are in the diaper cake. If you make the prize something they want like a round of golf or movie tickets, you’ll see them get pretty competitive. Also, you may be surprised at how many diaper people will guess. Hint: some will be way off.

Vegas Baby

This one is great for the casino-goers and non-gamblers alike! Place bets with family and friends for what day the baby will arrive, birth weight, birth length, and earn bonus points for anyone guessing the hour or time of day. Nothing makes having a baby more exciting than it already is than when there is cash on the line too! Give most of the proceeds to the new parents and buy the winner a $20 gift card. Just beware, mom and dad might have some insider knowledge on this one.

Bobbing for Nipples

For some reason this one is a favorite baby shower among men. Buy plenty of cheap nipples for baby bottles, then fill up a couple of large buckets or coolers with water. Place the nipples on the bottom, facing up, and have the teams circle through removing the nipples one-by-one with nothing but their teeth. Just beware of the sexual innuendos and laughter to follow.

Diaper Drive

A diaper drive can be done before or during a baby shower. Simply ask each male guest that wants to participate to bring a six pack of his favorite craft beer and a pack of diapers. They can share the beer and give the diapers to the dad-to-be. He will appreciate the time with friends, enjoy the beer, and will need as many diapers as he can get very soon.

So, if you decided to invite guys to the shower, keep them entertained as well. In turn, they might even entertain you more.