Save-the-Date Themes

Save-the-date baby shower invitations serve a variety of functions. The main thing is inviting guests to the baby shower. The secondary functions include scrapbook and album material, time capsule items, memory box collectibles, and anything else that mother can use it for to treasure with her children and grandchildren for many years. Simple themes are appropriate for these invitations, and there popular choices that will work for any baby shower.

– Teddy Bear

Traditional save-the-date baby shower invitations include one or more teddy bears on the front, and for good reason. Most babies love teddy bears, and guests coming to a baby shower love to give them as presents. Some ideas for including a teddy bear on your invitations are:

o A teddy bear sitting on a blanket

o Pink teddy bears if you’re expecting a girl, and blue teddy bears if you’re expecting a boy

o Teddy bear playing with or sitting in front of wooden alphabet blocks

o A real photo of a teddy bear, instead of a clip art or graphic image

o Black and white sketch of a teddy bear

The only way to ruin the teddy bear theme is to put too many bears on your invitation. If you must have a lot of bears, have the bears run along the borders of the front of the card.

– Bassinet

A classic theme for save-the-date baby shower invitations is a bassinet. The irony is that many parents have moved away from using bassinets, and have chosen to use cribs instead. It’s still a popular choice for baby shower invitations though, especially if you want to host a classic style baby shower. A few dos and don’ts for using bassinets on your invitations are:

o Run small bassinets along the bottom border of the card, alternating between blue, pink and green

o Include one large image of a bassinet in the front and center of the card

o Don’t include a picture of another baby in the bassinet, because you or the mom will save these for years to come

o Don’t use abstract bassinet graphics, stick to the plain styles

It’s great if you can find a picture to match a bassinet that the mom owns or will receive as a present. That may not be possible, but a picture of any bassinet works just fine.

– Photo of Mom

The option of taking a photograph of the mother and using it on save-the-date baby shower invitations is the most expensive option. Printing and the card stock you use for it will cost more, but if it’s within your budget, then it’s a great option. A pregnant photo is best to use, because the mother will keep and cherish it, along with her child. Some options for pregnancy photos that would work well are:

o A photo that clearly shows that the mother is pregnant

o One action photo that shows mom preparing for the baby’s arrival

o Mom standing in the nursery holding some clothes

Any photo that will express the amount of joy that the mother feels as she prepares for her little one is touching to include on an invitation. Leave abstract photography for other occasions.

Encourage people to RSVP when you send out your save-the-date baby shower invitations. It’s one more reason for them to hold on the cards.