Elderly Depression – Ways to Help
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The changes that occur later in life can put the elderly at an increased risk of depression. However, depression is not a natural part of aging. It is important for seniors and their loved ones to understand that depression is as much a disease as diabetes or arthritis – it’s not something a person can […]

Retirement Community Options for Older Singles
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The notion of what exactly constitutes a retirement community is undergoing a transformation as baby boomers move into their golden years. Increasingly, there are people reaching the end of their careers who are out there living and loving the single life. For those people, a big fear of moving to a retirement community can be […]

Tips From Nursing Homes: Coping With Sundowners
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For those who have a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and living in nursing homes, it may become noticeable that the evening time brings on some odd symptoms in a loved one that causes agitation or confusion. They may be suffering from Sundowners Syndrome. The following are some things that family members need to […]

Older Folk Have Much to Give
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There is nothing sadder than to see a person, of any age, sitting by herself with nothing to do. It is especially difficult to see elderly people who once led productive lives, figuratively thrown on the scrap heap and described as burdens because they now require so much care from others. It would do us […]

Accessible Transit Services For Disabled and Seniors
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There are many people who face mobility difficulties due to old age or disability. They find it difficult to travel from one place to another and carry on with their routine life. They have to depend on others to take them out for buying things, visiting a doctor and other requirements. Such people do not […]

Top 6 Reasons Senior Care Services Are Right for Your Aging Parents

As your parents begin to age, they start to require a little assistance with daily tasks. When exploring your options, consider utilizing senior care services instead of nursing home care. Below are six excellent reasons this choice is a sound one that will benefit everyone involved. Your Parents Keep Their Dignity Elderly individuals may need […]

Best Way to Plan for Long Term Care
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Once retirement is within reach, it is a good idea to begin planning for future long term care needs. Getting ready now means much more than not having to make decisions in the moment; it also provides peace of mind. Below are a few of the best ways to begin preparing for life events. Family […]

How To Make The Seniors In Your Life Feel Extra Special
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Aging adults are an often overlooked demographic. As younger generations juggle a seemingly endless array of responsibilities, they can forget to check in with their elderly loved ones. This is why it is important to go out of your way to make the seniors in your life feel special from time to time. Routine displays […]

I Can Do Something
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Their roles had reversed. I watched my mother switch roles with her mother, who was my grandmother. After a long journey of eighty-two years my grandmother could no longer live in her rented apartment. By all accounts, she had lived a blessed life, albeit a simple life. She was raised in a rural setting, near […]

How Water-Based Activities Can Help Seniors Stay Healthy And Fit

If you have an elderly adult in your household, watching this person decline in physical mobility and health can be downright devastating. Although the aging process is virtually guaranteed to take its toll, there is a lot that seniors and their family members can do to slow these changes. Physical exercise is the best way […]