Tips on How to Prepare for Moving during Pregnancy
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During the moving process you can avoid messy packing through the creation of a moving list. Sorting, boxing and labeling possessions ahead of the move can reduce stress on moving day. If possible, try to plan the rooms and furniture placement before you move. This extra work on top of pregnancy symptoms might seem like […]

Everyone wants to give a good and special welcome to their newborn and in this effort, they try not to leave any leaf unturned. This makes them feel good about their baby and they want to give the best to it. One important thing that they are advised by their doctors and their health care […]

Routine Testing For Pregnancy: First, Second, And Third Trimester

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When Is The Right Time To Start Your Family?
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Most parents choose a name before the baby is conceived. Some start looking for a good name after the baby is born. You can check out the tips given below to make your choice a bit easier. Choose the right combinations You should choose a combination of words that will be easier to pronounce. The […]

Domestic Violence and Pregnancy
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Intimate partner abuse, also known as domestic violence typically occurs to women who are abused before pregnancy and, in some cases abuse begins during the pregnancy. The form of abuse can present itself as physical, emotional, verbal, psychological, sexual, financial and medical. It can happen to anyone. Domestic violence knows no boundaries. It happens to […]

Pregnant Mom’s Guide to the Zika Virus Risk & Cord Blood Banking

You might be thinking why the Zika virus is a big deal for you, if you are an expectant mother? Well, before that let’s just talk about what it is and how it spreads. The Zika virus is mainly spread by mosquito bites and sexual transmission. The virus does not cause major harm to adults. […]

Pregnancy Options: I’m Pregnant, What Are My Options?
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When a woman experiences an unplanned pregnancy, a floodgate of emotions opens up. Nervousness and worry are common feelings to have. You may ask yourself all sorts of important questions like, “Am I ready for this? What do I do now? Do I want to do this? What are my options?” If you are pregnant, […]

Knowing More About The Benefits Of Visiting A Pregnancy Chiropractor

One of the most exciting news families want to hear about is the pregnancy of one of their loved ones. Indeed, knowing that a baby is coming is such a joy not only to both parents but also even to their loved ones and friends. However, for mums, this period also introduces a diverse array […]

Both Over and Underweight Can Affect Pregnancy
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One is well aware of the fact that excessive weight gain or loss could possibly lead to an inability to become pregnant. The imbalance of weight is affecting the fertility of women profusely, so much so that around 12 per cent of infertility problem is due to imperfect body weight, meaning either obesity or low […]