For years JET has been known for producing some of the best mini lathes in the woodworking industry. Building upon the success of these models and developing upon the technology of their most loved machines, JET has taken that standard to an entirely new level of high-performance. The new JWL-1220VS variable speed wood lathe, for […]

Woodworking Sharpening Tools
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The number one secret for great results in woodworking is having sharp and well maintained tools. Dull edges in your tools will just slow down your work and damage the materials of your project. On top of that, working with low quality cutting tools can be very dangerous for the woodworker. The huge variety of […]

Woodworking – How To Use A Router Circle Cutting Jig
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While working on any woodworking project, there are times when you need to cut perfect circles, some small and some big. Your task can become extremely time-consuming and irksome if you are not equipped with right tools. In the olden days, it was a very common practice to make a circle on wooden piece using […]

What Are Other Ways to Use a Wooden Toy Chest?
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1. I currently use my wooden toy chest as a storage for shoes at the entrance of my doorway. My toddlers will dig through the shoes and find the matching pair. Then they will close the lid of the toy chest and sit on top of it to begin putting on their shoes. 2. You […]

Tommy’s Journey on Billy Cart Races Day Morning
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Tommy woke up early on Saturday morning with an unusual excitement. He is a happy kid but usually when excited is all over his parents or family members, but today Tommy woke up and went straight down to his garage. As he got down there he saw his Billy Cart just where he and his […]

My Quest For a Quiet Air Compressor Has Finally Ended
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I had great hopes for my Thomas T635-HD air compressor after I got it a number of years ago. At the time, it was considered the most quiet compressor in its class. When it came time to purchase a rebuild kit, I was SOL. Appears like the company went out of business or merely stopped […]

JET’s New XACTA Table Saw 708675PK: Woodworking Without Compromise

With the amount of time, effort and grueling hard work craftspeople put into their projects, it’s only right that a woodworker demands superior performance from his equipment. Jet respects that right and, in turn, produces truly exceptional machinery and accessories. Built to foster the best of your abilities, Jet products are engineered for precise, efficient […]

Strategies for Pricing Your Custom Woodworking
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The topic of how to price your work comes up all over the woodworking forums. Everybody has a different opinion on how to go about it, and rarely are they sufficient. When I first started out building furniture, I was happy just to get a few dollars to cover the cost of the materials and […]

Woodworking Joining Tools
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The strength, flexibility and appearance of joints will certainly depend on the type of wood used but also on how well wood has been cut and shaped. However, no matter what wood you choose, it’s always important to use the right joining tools. Here’s a list of the most common ones: Hammer Use a hammer […]

Few Things to Consider Before Building a Boat
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Have you ever dreamed of building your own boat and having fun in it while fishing and surfing along the gigantic ocean? Gone are the days when you had to struggle hard for starting a project and buying materials. Now, with the ease of access on the internet, you can find some of the best […]