There are many reasons why people enjoy a hobby. Look around your home or neighborhood and see how other people are enjoying their talents and skills. Note their smiling faces and other signs of happiness.

Enjoy is the keyword for the number one reason people embrace a hobby. Enjoyment brings happiness, contentment, success, and feelings of pride and achievement. In return the body responds with mental and physical good health. A person feels like they are having a good day and it feels great to be alive.

Health Benefits of Hobbies

  1. Mental distraction from worries; build self-esteem and self-worth
  2. Relieve stress and tension; develop a healthy mind and body
  3. Socializing with family and friends; heartfelt importance and happiness
  4. Developing new talents and skills; it may become a new career
  5. Improving memory and mental skills; our brain needs exercises
  6. Nurturing creativity and imagination; helps to think out-of-the-box
  7. Building a strong and healthy body; maintaining peak performance
  8. Developing positive attitudes; negative thinking is undesirable waste

As you can see from the above list, there are many good reasons to have a hobby or an interest which satisfies your passions. Good mental and physical health makes for a pleasant life style. There are so many things which we can enjoy. Our enthusiasm disappears when we are not feeling good or have an illness.

As an adult what is causing difficulties in choosing a new hobby? Some people have so many interests that they fear lack of time to get it all done. And then there are those individuals that have difficulty finding a hobby or any leisure interests.

Reasons for difficulty selecting a new hobby:

  1. Too many hobbies to choose from and cannot decide on one project
  2. Too tired and lacking energy after a day of employment
  3. Extremely creative and imaginative causing indecision
  4. Negative thinking against any selected project
  5. Lack of monies to invest in a hobby
  6. Lack of time or cannot find the time for leisure relaxation

Hundreds of Hobbies:

There are hundreds of hobbies to select. People have assorted interests and where to start can be puzzling. The easiest method to finding a hobby is to list what you like to do. If that list is too long; write an elimination list.

Review the list noting that there can be sub-categories for the main description. For example, the word gardening. This list will expand into different types of gardening; earth, water, chemical, hydroponics, aquatic, hydroponics, miniature, stone, flower, vegetables, exotic plants, butterfly, and other specialties. These terms can be broken down into further groupings.

To shorten this list, use the elimination list to erase the unwanted. Review the remaining items and make a selection.

Enjoy your newly selected hobby.