Cremation is the last milestone of life and every man wants, that no matter how many difficulties he has seen in his eternal thoroughfares, his corpse shall be given due respect and civility and his unwilling wish is fulfilled by his relatives, who happen to follow the same when he takes out from his body the last breaths of his life.

India is the only country where the journey to the tomb was never a mournful one rather the whole event is celebrated with trumpets and violas, this blissful ending carried out happens to backfire when the incidents showing the disgraceful actions committed on the behalf of self motivated incitement leading to degradation of corpses and as and when is carried about, the entire event spills a blank ink not only on the government and judiciary but also on the part of the entire society.

The incident which happened in Orissa may not have affected the stone heart, but for the caring it does mean a lot.

How a tribal man helpless of not receiving a medical aid had to carry his wife’s corpse on his shoulders for a mile and a half and to dump in to the nearest burial ground

could have brought tears in the eyes of a noble heart.

Similar incidents showed a woman die at a place near Delhi and her husband had to break her bones in order to inquire for the cause of her death because the paramedics couldn’t reach on time was shown in the Munshi Premchand’s famous novel “Kafan”.

Himang Bhardwaj a witness of a road accident told the tale of the infamous day of death of Arun Mahajan. The man was killed near a temple in Ghaziabad, the people caught a glimpse of the “Road show” and simply passed by, no one bothered to pick him up and carry him to the nearest hospital, some of them were thieves and even stole his gold chain and watch.

Surprisingly, these events have happened in our so-called regulated and well- developed society that the worst form of human corpses degradation is seen as a parody to the omnipotence of the democracy: the common man.

Where is the hullabaloo shown during the inhumane cow slaughters. Can’t they see the superior creature being killed and fed up to the dogs.

The opposition which has a never- ending task of pointing fingers at the center was silent even after knowing the severity of the incident. Clearly “the tongue-tied politicians were an oxymoron”

Was it entitled that in the near future a loss in the human conscience would serve world the best and if so, what would be the end of this era and where would our destinies take us in the farther go, it is clear once for all, our faith still lay out to be largely undetermined.