If you have an elderly adult in your household, watching this person decline in physical mobility and health can be downright devastating. Although the aging process is virtually guaranteed to take its toll, there is a lot that seniors and their family members can do to slow these changes. Physical exercise is the best way to keep a person in good health all throughout his or her golden years.

The best forms of exercise for seniors are either low-impact or non-impact. Water aerobics and swimming are among some of the best non-impact exercises that seniors can engage in. Water ballet can supply the same remarkable benefits, as can many other water-based activities. Given that seniors are wholly supported by water when in the pool, there is no risk of tripping or falling.

These exercises also help aging adults burn lots of calories while building their respiratory endurance. As the human body ages, the metabolism starts to slow down. This makes weight gain a very common problem among this demographic. With routine exercise, even if it is non-impact and performed in a pool, aging adults can limit the likelihood of weight gain and can even shed a few extra pounds.

All of the muscles in the body are engaged while swimming. This is why it is a very effective toning exercise, even for those who have limited mobility while on land. Building up the muscles can additionally prevent bone density loss as well as problems such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

By working out, seniors are also able to build their confidence. In water, they tend to feel very graceful and coordinated. Moving about is very easy and stiffness is not likely to be a concern even if this is very troublesome issue while on land. With renewed confidence, some people often become more positive, proactive and independent in other life areas. This can be a huge relief for family caregivers and concerned spouses.

Exercise in itself can be good for senior mental health. Moving the body promotes the release of endorphins which elevate the mood. Given that depression and anxiety are common among the elderly demographic, encouraging people to maintain active lifestyles can be exceedingly beneficial. When exercise is done in water, however, it can have a cathartic and relaxing effect as well. This makes it a great way for many seniors to effectively manage their stress.

No joint stress is sustained during these activities. There are no forceful movements that place an undue amount of pressure on the joints. The ankles, knees and shins do not have to absorb a lot of shock. Thus, even after particularly challenging workouts, seniors are unlikely to feel sore.

If you have been looking for a way to protect the overall health and well-being of your senior loved one, consider connecting with a swimming pool design company. Some of the most innovative options in swimming pools are very cathartic and take up little space. When you see the remarkable improvements that these water features can produce in senior health, you’ll start seeing swimming pools as the worthwhile investments they truly are.