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Cherished Change Quilts
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Quilting inspires legacy. Throughout generations this art has undergone many changes, but all create lasting beauty. By hand, quilting began. Although today an overwhelming, yet accessible number of gadgets exist which aid in the complicated process. Interestingly, quilting has been a part of almost every culture. Beginning solely for warmth, quilts now display decorative designs. […]

Something Seems to Be Missing
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Did you ever have a week when it felt like something was missing, but you didn’t quite know what it was? I had that kind of a week this past week. It felt like something was missing, and I could not figure out what it was. The past week was typical in many regards. Everything […]

Pregnancy Options: I’m Pregnant, What Are My Options?
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When a woman experiences an unplanned pregnancy, a floodgate of emotions opens up. Nervousness and worry are common feelings to have. You may ask yourself all sorts of important questions like, “Am I ready for this? What do I do now? Do I want to do this? What are my options?” If you are pregnant, […]

12 Mind Blowing Craft Ideas With Tissue Paper That You Can Do at Home

You’ll realize that this material is very great in serving this purpose. You can make customized gifts such as flowers in a bouquet, trees, basketball motives, pumpkins, and much more. Most of the craftsmen choose to use tissue paper because it is affordable. Moreover, it is very easy to cut and shape into desired designs. […]

Knowing More About The Benefits Of Visiting A Pregnancy Chiropractor

One of the most exciting news families want to hear about is the pregnancy of one of their loved ones. Indeed, knowing that a baby is coming is such a joy not only to both parents but also even to their loved ones and friends. However, for mums, this period also introduces a diverse array […]

My Quest For a Quiet Air Compressor Has Finally Ended
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I had great hopes for my Thomas T635-HD air compressor after I got it a number of years ago. At the time, it was considered the most quiet compressor in its class. When it came time to purchase a rebuild kit, I was SOL. Appears like the company went out of business or merely stopped […]

Increasing Your Daughter’s Self Esteem
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The standards set by today’s society can make it hard for a girl to have healthy esteem levels. Constantly bombarded by a civilization that is drenched in edited photos of unrealistic looking women, it’s no wonder. Parents have more power than they think. Their words and actions can directly impact how their daughters see themselves. […]

5 Baby Shower Games for Men
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Lets face it, baby showers are no longer “ladies only” events. But that doesn’t mean that showers can’t be fun for men too. But you have to be careful not to scare them off before the event even begins. One thing that every man dreads are some of the traditional feminine games that are played. […]