For years JET has been known for producing some of the best mini lathes in the woodworking industry. Building upon the success of these models and developing upon the technology of their most loved machines, JET has taken that standard to an entirely new level of high-performance. The new JWL-1220VS variable speed wood lathe, for example, brings a whole new ball game to your benchtop.

To begin, the lathe has a powerful 3/4-HP motor with variable speed settings. Owing to a sophisticated electronic system and finely machined six-step pulleys, the JWL-1220VS offers continuous speed operation between 270 and 4,200 RPM. Accordingly, the lathe has more than enough muscle to run smooth, strong and consistent throughout each application. Having 5 numerical speed settings, the electronic variable speed system also ensures making very specific RPM settings is simple. Because the motor is mounted directly below the lathe bed, that big-muscle-motor doesn’t get in the way, but it’s easy to access for belt tensioning, maintenance or etc. Tool-free levers on the front of the lathe also make belt tensioning a fast and simple process.

The lathe bed is built well and of heavy-duty cast iron to enhance the stability of the machine and to limit vibration during use. It supports stock up to 12-inches in diameter and 20-inches in length giving you the capacity to handle large projects and, despite being a benchtop machine, the JWL-1220VS can be outfitted with a bed extension (giving you nearly 50-inches between centers) and/or with a rock-solid adjustable stand for greater versatility. Heavy-duty metal handles also contribute to the lathe’s portability.

The JWL-1220VS additionally features a self-ejecting tailstock for safe and simple removal of your tooling and, because the tailstock is also hollow, the removable tip on the live-center allows you to bore holes through your stock as well. The lathe’s centers are well laid out to turn your projects on perfect center and with an easy-to-use spindle lock and 24-position indexing capabilities, the lathe helps users creates all types of ornamentation (like fluting or veining applications) with consistency and total precision. The machine also features an integrated worklight to keep your workpieces well-lit and has rubber-tipped adjustable leveling feet to reduce movement during use.

To ensure you can easily outfit the lathe with both common and specialty accessories, the JWL-1220VS is engineered to be compatible with most popular accessories. The spindle and tailstock accept #2 Morse taper and the spindle nose exterior is threaded with the popular 1 x 8 thread pattern. This makes it simple to find what you need and allows you to keep using any accessories you might already have. Of course, the lathe also includes a full range of accessories like a four-wing spur drive, a superior quality ball bearing live-center, a knockout rod (just in case you need it), 10-inch and 6-inch tool rests, a 3-inch diameter face plate and a sweet pair of goggles.

Ultimately, JET’s JWL-1220VS wood lathe is built tough to deliver optimal longevity and built smart to produce total accuracy. If you’re searching for a high-performance lathe that’s both powerful and compact, there is no better choice than JET’s JWL-1220VS variable speed wood lathe. Nurture your skills and enhance the quality of your results with this versatile, totally superior benchtop lathe.