I had great hopes for my Thomas T635-HD air compressor after I got it a number of years ago. At the time, it was considered the most quiet compressor in its class. When it came time to purchase a rebuild kit, I was SOL. Appears like the company went out of business or merely stopped providing support for the line. While I am generally good about obtaining a difficult to find part, I made the decision it just wasn’t worthwhile trying to bring a well used air compressor back again. I do what I typically do and checked out Sears, Home Depot, as well as did some research online.

Introducing the Rolair JC10

Shortly after doing my homework, I selected the JC10 to replace the Thomas and WOW am I amazed. Initially I assumed it was my error as it made so little noise. You really have to (not) hear it to believe it. The compressor oozes quality. This unit gets to full capacity (125psi) in about a minute and recovers in mere seconds. This really is by far and away the quietest 1HP unit you will find. I am not going to tell you that one could run it underneath the dining room table while you eat and never detect it. Having said that, I will say that it runs below my work bench in my garage as I happily tinker away without annoying me in the slightest.

It isn’t quite as ergonomic as the DeWalt 55141 I had been also contemplating and a little bit more heavy but produces more air flow and I am hoping it will fill the gap that I’ve had for 8 years between light, portable and quiet and a do-everything compressor. Very good quality guages and fittings. Effortless enough to transport upstairs and no-one will complain if you utilize it inside their house. The grip on the handle needs an upgrade, and I’ve already fitted a 90 degree brass elbow so the pressure gauge points up in order to see it without tipping the compressor on its side, yet it is certainly a keeper. Only time will tell if it does almost all I need. It isn’t a shop or 2 man compressor though.

I have had it for 2 months and can wholeheartedly “Highly recommend” this unit for anyone needing a small and incredibly quiet compressor that appears long lasting. A great compressor (for me) is occasionally the main difference between a great day and a frustrating day at work yet unfortunately, one can find excessive shoddy compressors available on the market. I am hoping this Rolair JC10 lives up to my expectations.