Tommy woke up early on Saturday morning with an unusual excitement. He is a happy kid but usually when excited is all over his parents or family members, but today Tommy woke up and went straight down to his garage.

As he got down there he saw his Billy Cart just where he and his Dad had left it. It was sitting on a white, paint covered drop sheet with paint cans still surrounding it. The cart looked great and Tommy couldn’t wait to sit in it. He couldn’t sit in it last night because the paint was still wet, but now he could sit, and he did. The paint was white and shiny, he could see the reflection of the lights on it.

As he sat he grabbed the rope and tested the steering. A little tough at start but then it worked well, with his feet on the steering disc, he could move the front wheels. The back wheels were bigger than the front wheels so the cart slanted down a little. Because of this the billy cart reminded Tommy of a drag racer, which he saw when his Dad watched TV sometimes. He wondered about having a parachute come out of the Billy Cart to help stop it but hadn’t asked dad yet.

As he was sitting on the cart moving the rope and thinking he was a drag racer, his dad came down. Tommy and his Dad packed up the cart and put it in the back of Dads car. The took some tools just in case but Tommy was sure that there cart was strong. Tommy and his dad then went in to the kitchen to have a special pre Billy Cart races day breakfast.

Tommy wondered about the people that would be there at the Billy Cart races later on. He knew some of his friends from school would be there but there would be plenty of others whom he didn’t know. Maybe some friends from where he used to live, maybe some of his friends that he knew through his parents, or maybe his cousins would be there who lived over the other side of town.

Tommy’s mind moved from people he might know to all the spectators on the day. How many people are going to be cheering for him when he flies down the hill. Will he be able to wave or will he be going to fast, wow it sure was exciting to be going down the main st in town on a Billy Cart. It was almost like driving a real car.

As Tommy and his dad finished their breakfast they said goodbye to Mum who would come and watch later, then left with their Billy Cart to head into main st in town. Today was Tommy’s very first Billy Cart race and it was very exciting!

Tommy’s Billy Cart raceday journey is typical of a lot of people who participate in Billy Cart race days. There is a lot of excitement and it is an event that draws the family around so they can bond.

The local Billy Kart Derby can be a great place for people young and old to socialise, especially men who can find it hard to ‘just socialise’ and need something to focus on and talk about.

Kids love carting and it is a great way to introduce them into building and construction techniques, as they get to ride the fruits of their labour and get the most enjoyment out of it. And the rest of their family gets enjoyment out of seeing their enjoyment. It’s fun all the way around!